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Solutions for the oil sector

Inter Terminals is a leading supplier of bulk liquid and gas storage and handling facilities and has special expertise in providing fully integrated solutions for the oil sector at its own terminals and through the management of third party facilities. In addition, our well respected engineering division has a proven track record in the construction of new facilities and upgrading of existing sites. Services also include the design and installation of advanced automation systems for stock management and road loading. Many oil majors now rely on our management and technical skills in pro-active partnerships, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. To meet the need for sustainable energy, Inter Terminals has developed key expertise in the storage, blending and distribution of green fuels as well as advanced techniques for blending biofuels with conventional hydrocarbons both in-tank and during road tanker loading.

United Kingdom
In the UK, our terminals boast easy access to major road, rail and shipping routes for receipt and onward distribution of product for clients operating throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Our Immingham Terminal complex, for example, offers flexible tankage and pipeline configurations with fast transfer rates, as well as a prime location adjacent to two of the UK’s largest oil refineries.

Republic of Ireland
Our outstanding health and safety performance has been recognised by RoSPA in the UK and NISO in Ireland, and operating and safety standards identified post Buncefield have been applied where applicable.

The Netherlands
Located in Europe’s largest gasoline blending hub, our Amsterdam Terminal in The Netherlands offers six jetties for barges and vessels and boasts world-class blending and handling capabilities.

Solutions for the oil sector