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Potable alcohol

Potable alcohol capabilities
Inter Terminals offers a market-leading capability for storing and handling potable spirits, from neutral alcohol to bourbon. For over 20 years it has been providing specialist facilities and expertise to some of the world’s leading drinks manufacturers and marketers.

A programme of ongoing investment in new tankage and ancillary services has made the company’s Tyne Terminal on the estuary of the River Tyne, one of the largest independent complexes of dedicated alcohol storage in the UK.

In addition to two deep water jetties at a busy port with good sea connections to Continental Europe and beyond, Tyne has excellent road links to the north of England and the Scottish drinks industry. Facilities include stainless steel storage and accessibility to a dedicated jetty pipeline for handling bulk shipments from around the globe. Tank capacities range from 205,000 litres up to 1,500,000 litres to suit different contract requirements.

Products stored
Product can be received and redelivered by both road and sea 24 hours a day. At Tyne, for example, neutral spirit is received by road into storage for a number of clients before onward delivery to UK and Irish distilleries and bottling plants. Previous contracts have included the receipt of bourbon by tank container from the USA for onward delivery by road to Scotland for bottling.

Terminal configuration can readily be modified to meet demand and Inter Terminals’ in-house engineering team has the expertise to design bespoke solutions for storing and handling a wide range of products.

Value added operations
Inter Terminals can offer a wide range of value added operations to complement its potable alcohol storage facilities. These include bulk breaking operations, such as semi-automatic drumming and IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) filling, as well as sampling of stored product and alcohol strength reduction of selected spirits using demineralised potable grade water for Ready to Drink products.

Dedicated road loading facilities for potable alcohol are available, with specially designed loading gantries to accommodate different types and heights of modern liquid cargo containers from the UK and Continental Europe. Indicator meters are installed on all gantries at the Tyne Terminal, increasing accuracy and safety for drivers during tanker loading. As HMRC excise warehousing, extensive security systems are in place, including CCTV, alarmed electric perimeter fencing, and security guards.