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Our expertise

Inter Terminals is working with its customers to raise standards and achieve industry excellence.

Key contributor to many of the UK’s leading industry and regulatory bodies, as well as a participant in a European industry forum, Inter Terminals is sharing its expertise and shaping the tank storage industry now and for the future. We have been an active participant in identifying and improving standards of control at fuel storage sites post Buncefield. Our proactive investment in improvements and upgrades at our own facilities has ensured that we meet or exceed even the most challenging recommendations, including secondary containment around storage vessels or bunds.

Inter Terminals has expert knowledge in the storage and handling of a wide variety of products, including hazardous substances. Our facilities can accommodate most chemical industry requirements, from solvents and resins to pharmaceutical grade products. We also offer a broad scope of gas storage solutions including pressure liquefied gas.

Now recognised as one of the leading suppliers of engineering and storage solutions to the UK biofuels industry, Inter Terminals has key expertise in developing and operating facilities to the highest safety and environmental standards. We are committed to sharing that knowledge through active participation in industry bodies and through individual contracts with our customers.

Fact finding
With many years of experience in the design and development of bulk liquid and gas handling infrastructure, Inter Terminals is able to help customers determine the viability of a project prior to major investment. By preparing Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies our Engineering Services team can analyse and test alternative solutions, examine technical and organisational requirements, and optimise long term logistical costs.

Our expertise