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Mission, Vision and Values


The CLH Group mission is the continuous, efficient, safe distribution of liquid fuels. We work on a daily basis to improve our performance in the firm belief that we are providing society with an important service.


The vision is to cooperate with economic, environmental and social progress, to provide our customers with excellent service, guarantee profitability for our shareholders, and develop the employment prospects and promotion of our employees besides finding the right balance between their family and professional lives.

We aim to be an international benchmark in energy distribution, contributing towards its responsible use, looking after the safety of people and protecting the environment, and cooperating in the prosperity of the places where we have business units. It is also our aim for our employees to feel proud of forming part of the company, aware of its social relevance and the importance of their work.


We are a company of integrity, responsibility and efficiency, whose culture is based on attributes such as safety, commitment and the ability to create trust among its stakeholders.

Mission, Vision and Values