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Corporate governance

Almost every aspect of our activities are subject to an increasingly complex regime of regulation and legislation.

With environmental and wellbeing concerns at the fore, it is a key part of our business to fully understand current and proposed legislation. We directly employ a team of highly qualified health, safety and environmental professionals to help us meet these needs. Making it our business to put the systems and capabilities in place to anticipate and solve these problems.

As well as this fundamental knowledge of current and impending regulations and legislation, we play an active role in the formulation of new standards and guidance so that any specific implications for our customers are appreciated and taken into consideration.

Terminal safety: Germany
Our North and South Mannheim terminals are plants which are subject to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (12th Federal Immission Control Ordinance). To inform the public, the relevant Mannheim companies have published a joint brochure in cooperation with the city of Mannheim, the fire brigade and disaster control office.

Information can be found in the summary in several languages or in a longer version with the descriptions of the participating companies.

Corporate governance